Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Rescue and A Disappearance

The excitement, the drama, the daring around here never ends. Remember mama Robin on her nest? Well, here was the scene yesterday as one of the babies took to standing outside the nest as they clearly overflowed their little home. And today? Nothing. Empty nest syndrome has hit. I hope she finds something to do with herself.

And then, while Kent was forking soil in the garden one last time as we planted, he turned up a nest. Now, we don't know whose nest this is. It could be a turtle. It could be a snake. Only time will tell. But we didn't feel like destroying those amazing eggs that people rarely get to see. We surmise they were laid since the tilling since we don't see how they would have survived multiple passes by the tiller.

Kent dug a new hole, outside the garden perimeter.

And we deposited the eggs where, hopefully, they can continue their incubation. Now, personally, I can tell you that I'm hoping these are turtles and not snakes.

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Yvonne said...

Kristine, I'm enjoying your photos and updates in your new endeavor. What a project!