Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Happenings

As I'm just trying to get caught up, I'm not going to worry too much about staying on subject here.

Sam spent a Sunday afternoon and evening with us. Here he and Kent are hanging out. Kent taught him that. Sometimes it involves leaning nonchalantly on a chair back.

When Sam first saw the rocking horse, which obviously didn't even get dusted before he mounted, his little lips formed an "O" and his eyes got huge. He's in a big horse phase. He counts the horses on the quilt his nana sent him, he's had horse rides with his Amish neighbor friends, and he has a hobby horse at home. He was pretty thrilled with this horse, too. And I said "Woohoo" when he mounted so now each time he gets on the horse he shouts "Woohoo!"

Some morning the grass is just so wet from the dew. I'm glad I've got the barn boots.

A robin built her nest in the rafters of our carport. We've enjoyed taking a peek from time to time. The babes have hatched now and they look like they're ready to overflow their little home.

Steph surprised me one day with this pretty sculpture of a mother and daughter called "Close to Me". I love it! And it made me cry.

Not pictured here is our family. It was so great to see them over the Memorial Day weekend. And in anticipation and because we liked it so much, we purchased some adirondack yard furniture. Now to get it painted before the carpenter bees find it. They've been prowling and drilling of late.

And what do you do when you have access to a tasty and economical supply of fresh goat's milk? Why, besides drink it, silly, you make chevre! Here is my improvised hanging set up for draining the whey. It is really, really good cheese. I will be making it on a regular basis.

And I think Bear feels like a wild savannah dog in the back acreage. The grass is hip high now and sometimes we lose him in it. He'll be sleeping under a tree and we just can't see him. You can probably find him in this picture, though.

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Persuaded said...

You have some very adorable boys there;-}

And I want you to give me some cheese-making tips when we get together... I don't have access to goats' milk, but we are now able to get raw cow's milk. yippee!