Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Faces on the Homestead

First livestock on the farm(ette) - Meet Joyce and Grady. They are half Holstein, half Brahma, all cow. We will be raising these beauties for beef. In the meantime, they will enjoy a couple of good years being treated well here at The Sanctuary.

The electric fence is a bit of an enigma to them at this time. They will be in our yard overnight while Kent erects a regular fence to help them transition to life in the pasture.

Grady - look at those huge ears!


We bought these guys (a bull and a heifer) from our good friends, the Zilhaver's. We hear they are mighty fine eating. Big shiny stars to anyone who can guess why we've named them as we have.


Rae said...

They're so cute. It's hard to imagine eating them, especially since they have names. :-)

Persuaded said...

You have a picket fence?!?!?!

~ s w o o n ~

Totally clueless as to the rationale of the names, but I am most curious to find out;-]

Oh, and thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. You are most definitely in the category of gals I want to be real life friends with my dear. Can't wait to meet up, and hopefully soon! I will be down at my parents around the 4th of July, will you girls be free around then by chance?

Rae said...

Maybe you should rename them Hamburger and Steak? :-)