Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting Started

So what's there to do around this old house? Lots! And more. First, a pic of the house in spring. I think that last picture showed it during a more dreary time of year. I'll have to see if I can get another picture now that everything has leafed out and filled in.

The folks who lived here for 40 plus years have done a great job of planting bushes, trees and flowers that show up in succession, rather than all at once. It's fun seeing what comes next. We appreciate the hard work that came before us.

But there's always work to be done. Something neither Kent or I have had to do in some time is mow. But at least once a week we need to trim the green. It's an inviting and pretty yard so it's not really a painful task. We got a mower that mulches, bags and is self-propelled. That makes the job easier. We don't intend to have enough lawn to warrant a riding mower but this does the job quite well.

And then there's the matter of claiming a garden from the cleared field. There will be ongoing posts about this. It's been a labor intensive project but it's coming together beautifully now. Kent, with his unfailing work ethic and dogged determination, has turned a field stubborn turf into a 40x80 foot garden where we will be growing more than enough for our needs and some for family and others who can use it.

Bear seems happy here. He follows us around, sleeps in the shade of the trees, tries to rush the occasional rabbit, and generally seems to smile a lot.

Here's the rest of Mother's Day. Steph bought me flowers for a tipsy planter I'd seen on a blog and really, really wanted to make. Perhaps I'll post a more current picture for comparison. The petunias have taken off and done well. And the hostas have done better than I ever imagined. The bottom two pots are now lost in hosta. Maybe I should have Val bring one of her hosta eating goats around. I've seen how efficient they are at trimming back her hosta.

And there were even some plants left to decorate by the porch. And hey, how do you like that brick sidewalk? We didn't know it existed until Kent spied some brick peeking through some grass. He took a hoe to it and found this was completely covered by turf. Nice.


Sonia said...

Lovely yard and beautiful dog! And do you happen to have the link to how to make the planter? I love that!

Kristine said...

Hi Sonia,

Love your little lamby goat! He's just too cute! Almost enough to make me want fiber animals again. Almost. Turns out I like to spin, weave and knit more than I like to shear and card.

Here's where I got the inspiration and directions:

Thanks for the nudge. I should have linked to her blog when I made the post.