Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden Update

We are diligently planting in the garden. We have frequently heard the comment that we are "ambitious" in our garden plans and planting. I guess it's a combination of wanting to grow not only to eat fresh but to preserve and the effect of so many years in Colorado with so many garden disappointments. We are, perhaps, overplanting but I'm pretty confident that if there is more than we can use, can or dry - we'll find someone who would like the produce.

Here's Kent by the pepper beds. We've got about 70 plants, including jalapeno, hot Hungarian and two kinds of sweet.

And there are celery, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and eggplant

And over 70 tomato plants, some yellow, some beefy, some for canning, and so on. Whatever we don't eat fresh will be canned up as diced, sauces, salsa and stewed.

Today we planted 30 sf of chard, 50 potatoes, and about 270 corn. I'll need to get out there and string up bird deterents before the corn sprouts. I'm thinking streaming ribbons and bits of foil. I'm hoping it will look downright scary.


mJr said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL! Excellent job! You guys were on my heart yesterday, so I prayed.

ssimm1rg said...

Wow, that's some amazing progress! Very cool to see visual progress reports on all your hard work. Also, I can't wait to join you for a canning party later in the season.