Saturday, November 6, 2010

Refrigerator Wisdom

Getting our house ready to be shown has meant removing some of our personal “clutter,”things that house shoppers don’t really care to see. That included stripping years of magnets, photos and memorabilia from the fridge. Most came off with little regret, me knowing that I can put it back up when we’ve moved and settled in our new location. But the word magnets, which over time had evolved into a series of shorthand commentaries on life, gave me pause. It was the combined efforts of Kent, Stephanie and me that had transformed this box of magnets into sweet and even wise phrases. We’d used up every single word. When I would stop to read our creations, it always made my heart glad. So I got out my camera and took pictures before I removed them.

May I present to you our family free-form refrigerator poetry:


Mrs. Mordecai said...

How sweet! I love your little sayings. We used to have this on our fridge too but we had to take it down with babies and all. I miss it!

Kristine said...

When your little ones are older, it will be such fun to put words back up and see how they combine them!