Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prepare to Be Prepared

So with the weather beginning to be like this at times

I’m motivated to make sure we are ready and I began assembling our winter car kits. Since we will also be making a family trip in this weather at some point, I wanted to make sure we were extra prepared.

This year’s car kits are the most comprehensive I have ever done. And I also determined it was time to make that complete first aid kit I’ve often thought about assembling. In fact, I’m thinking that these efforts really go a long way toward our Go Bag that’s also been on my to-do list forever but just hadn’t materialized. Living in the forested mountains, we are frequently advised to have emergency kits and go bags ready. There are lots of lists of what should be in them. And, in fact, it can seem a bit overwhelming. So here’s my solid start. There’s a real sense of accomplishment and peace in having these ready to put in our vehicles tomorrow.

A simple fishing box

Has become a pretty comprehensive first care kit. I tried to get a bit of everything that seemed potentially helpful in there.

For a complete list of the contents, go HERE

And the car emergency kits fit into small backpacks

For Him

And Her

Here’s my MASTER list for the emergency car kits.

Now let’s pray we don’t need any of this!


Persuaded said...

Kristine, those look amazing. Noah is always wanting to set something like this up.. looks like the kind of thing that would make a nice family project. And if I bought one or two of the necessary items, then it wouldn't be prohibitively expensive (of course the buying part will have to wait for next year;-})

Kristine said...

This would be a great project for Noah. Even just the planning would be a good start at feeling prepared. I'm looking at the picture and I can say that the watet, tp, baby wipes, kleenex, hanky, comb, chapstick, candies, sewing kit, pocket knife, socks, baggies, signal mirror, matches, buck knife, sunscreen, pencil, pad, brush-ups and flashlights came from around the house. I just had to gather them up. The tin can came out of the recycling bin. The backpack and halloween themed blanket were $3 each marked down after season at Walmart. The fire sticks, candles, emergency blankets, poncho, and energy bars came out of my hiking pack. The Hotties were shared between my sister and me. She bought toe warmers-I bought hand warmers and we gave each other half our box. Purchased this year was the whistle/compass/thermometer/magnifying glass (Like a Swiss Army whistle!), the fresh rope, candles, and lightsticks. My car needed the shovel and jumper cables but they don't go inside the pack. Hope this rambling helps someone see that they can look around and find lots of what they need to get a pack started. I mean, I don't NEED the Buck knife, but I have it so why not throw it in? And who doesn't have some water, tp and an empty bean can? Give my regards to Noah!