Thursday, November 11, 2010

One of My Favorite Smells

The heavenly aroma of good, fresh coffee beans. Oh, I do love a good snort. And yes, I can coffee beans. Kind of. I put them in quart jars and vacuum seal them before putting them away in my pantry. They stay so fresh that way and with my PumpNSeal it's a simple as can be. If you are a coffee lover, I suggest you consider this option. Unless, of course, you can go through your beans faster than I. You see, while I love coffee, it doesn't love me back. My affection is unrequited. So I can't drink it with the abandon I would like.

But I still love it. Look at all my lovely friends here. Ooooooh!! This is a mix of First Colony Organic and my favorite, San Francisco Bay French Roast. This batch filled 9 quart jars and topped off the one that was already open on my shelf. Come on over and I'll make us a cup.

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