Friday, March 19, 2010

What's as cute as a box of kittens?

How about a nest of bunnies? I was looking for something else the other day on our main computer and found a bunch of pictures that I thought I'd like to share on the ol' blog. So these aren't current but they are from within the last 6-12 months...

Here's a nest of New Zealand's. They've gotten big enough at this point to be uncovered since they've got their own fur going. They are just the ugliest-cute things when they are born. They are just little naked pinky things with mouse ears.

Not the most cooperative for photo shoots. Look at those adorable back paws.

It's not easy to wrangle a baby bunny and take the photo. They wiggle a lot. Here I'm using my body to help block this little guy from squirming completely free of my hand. (Oh - Those tubs with the green lids in the background are the worm farm.)

And here's a relatively calm one sitting in Kent's hand.

The cutest little profile. But yeah, we're gonna end up eating them.

The thing is, we'll know that they were well cared-for and treated humanely. Then we'll also truly appreciate the sacrifice for our meal. And we'll also know that our food is safe and natural. Until we have a consensus on becoming vegetarians (yeah, right), we will at least attempt to apply the greatest integrity and sustainability possible to our food sources.

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