Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rewind just a bit

I have no excuse. Well, actually I have many excuses. But I'll refrain from supplying them here. I can't believe where the time goes. It's been over a month since my last post.

So when I downloaded my camera tonight I found I hadn't been a complete slacker. I had a few pics logged from Valentine's Day. My sweetie left me groovy little Valentine's all over the house that I was finding for days afterwards. All with puppies or kittens on them - he knows my soft spot. And each "To:" was a pet name for me and each "From:" was a clever/humorous/endearing name for himself. It was a lot of fun finding them and made me feel special that he took the time to do that.

We have a little conversation that we do using our bathroom mirror. Since he gets up long before me on his work days, the night before I try to leave him a message to find in the morning. They were Valentine themed around the holiday. I even wrote him a poem...

And you may note my great artistic talents with the painting stick figures. I left that one after we spent a week painting the downstairs.

And he "carved" our initials in a heart for me...

Actually, I highly recommend this method of leaving love notes for each other. We get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I used to use lipstick but we've moved on to dry erase markers in an assortement of colors.

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