Friday, March 5, 2010

I hate it when I find myself coveting something...

This is just the coolest composter. I want one for my kitchen! We attempt vermiculture in the greenhouse but the poor worms don't have it very good with our terrible winter temps and extended winter season. I'm thrilled when the greenhouse stays in the upper 30's for the rabbits and the worms would prefer it to be 50. So here's a great solution. (It also comes in a round version from another company). The bottom tray accumulates the compost tea for plant watering and even has spigot. You add trays as they fill so that the redworms leave their lovely castings and when the tray has been converted from trash to rich soil amendment, they move upward to more trash. Good compost is odorless and so I could put it right in my kitchen. I could even sift out my own redworms from the greenhouse to use in it but the composter itself is $100. Bummer. Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas next year!

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