Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making my Own Spring

I could have reposted the pics from last Saturday... We got another 20-24 inches of snow on Tuesday. When this storm started in earnest, we were down in Denver. We had tickets for a Member's Premier event at the new Denver Museum of Nature and Science's Body Worlds exhibit. Exciting stuff. We didn't want to miss it. But by 5:45 we turned around at Federal and I-70 to make our way back home - and, as it turns out - not a minute too soon. What should have been a 45-60 minute drive back home turned into 2+ hours. By the time we began climbing up I-70 out of Denver, the roads were getting quite hazardous. By the Genessee exit, Kent was winding his way around stranded cars and tractor-trailor rigs which were stuck in random places all over the road. Our little Subaru did the job, though, and we made it home eventually. By the time we got to our neighborhood, the little Ru was plowing snow up over the hood and covering the windshield faster than the overworked and iced up wipers could manage. Whew! Were we ever glad to have made it home. And me in a long denim skirt and hiking boots. That would have been a cold and difficult hike.

So I'm having to make my own spring around here. I had seen a little craft 12-14 years ago and collected what I needed to make it and then kept missing my window of opportunity (It's spring themed). This year I remembered it at the right time. So Steph and I had a nice visit at her place after church on Sunday and we made a half dozen of these little seed packets with bunnies peaking out of them.

I'm also doing a "craft-along" with the Lolly of Last week she told us what we'd need to have on hand and then each day this week she is unveiling a new crafty flower. These are my favorites so far. She did hers up in great little frames but our wall space is at such a premium I knew that wouldn't really do. So I stitched pin backs on these. I'm hoping to make a bunch more this weekend. I thought they'd make fun little gifts to give to the ladies at church.

Right now the wind is howling outside and another snowstorm is moving in. They are calling for 5-10 inches in Evergreen by Saturday afternoon. That will probably be more like 10-15 at our house. Each time I think that I should probably put the bird feeders away before the bears come out of hibernation, we get another blast and I just can't bear to see the birds fluttering frantically around the empty feeders. So I fill the feeders and hope that the bears stay asleep a little longer. With this weather, I'd sure sleep in!

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