Friday, March 19, 2010

Goin' to the Dogs

So here we have a few and they feature my departed friend, Cole (aka Coleman or LBD - for Little Black Dog). Here he is doing his throw rug impression. He was quite good at this one. And it was his typical stance when I was in the kitchen cooking. After reminding him just a half dozen thousand times to get out, he'd throw himself down at the outer perimeter of the kitchen while I worked.

After allowing the dogs to get into the bad habit of getting on the bed with us, we decided to lay down the law and make them sleep on the floor. But being soft, like we are, we bought them beds of their own to sleep on. The concept was great. They just didn't quite grasp our intentions. Here is Bear, completely covering and even overflowing the small bed we picked out for Cole. (And placed along my side of the bed so that he could get a head pat at any time).

And here is Cole, clearly not needing all the space intended for Bear on this jumbo sized bed. Oh well, as long as they were happy with their arrangement...

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