Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fun Day with My Sister

I had one of those loose flowing, fun days with my sister, Kathy, yesterday. We started with coffee at her house then headed to Denver - where I left my car at the garage and we went ramming. Kathy, fearless with her Garmin on board, punched in the address for the KPOF Radio Station at The Castle in Westminster. The Christian radio station is housed in a beautiful old castle that is and has served as church, college, school, day care and business center. They were having an open house and we were treated to hotdogs, chips, lemonade and cake, as well as getting to meet the folks we listen to each day and look around the studio and building. Everyone was warm and friendly and the place was packed out. It was like a cheerful chaos the whole time we were there.

Then we headed to Hobby Lobby! We probably spent an hour and a half wandering through the Christmas aisles. I found a few treasures to add to our tree and a special item I bought with my own allowance. Here are some items I thought we would enjoy for years to come:
A sparkly dragonfly!
We have developed quite a collection of feathered, glass and other beautiful birds for our tree. Those and pinecones could be considered a theme.When I saw this beautiful glass rainbow trout, I had to get it for Kent. I love how they've hung it from a lure!

And then I found the thing I just had to have. I'm not much of a shopper, mind you, but Christmas aisles can bring out the child in me. In fact, I will admit that I was the tallest person there yesterday who couldn't tear themselves away from the snow globe display. One in particular enchanted me, it lights up, plays music, and the scene twirls around, which keeps the "snow" suspended as long as it's in motion. And it isn't small. The globe portion is probably 4" in diameter. This photo doesn't do the details of the scene justice where santa and the forest animals are concerned, but you can see the SPARKLES! I like sparkles. It is designed to look like a lantern. And best of all, once I decided that I really wanted it even though it didn't have a pricetag, when I got to the register it was half off! I had enough allowance money to indulge myself. : )

Then we went to Costco and browsed their Christmas display. I picked out a telescope and building kit for Kathy, a science experiment lab for us to share, and a bunch of toys that Sam is too young for yet. We didn't actually buy anything, we just window shopped. And Kathy did buy "Turkish Delight" and shared it with me. We visited with a very personable young man working the seafood counter and he was a very good salesman, sending us away with the last of the Shrimp Cevich.

And most of all, I was happy to be spending the day with Kathy. We had fun and visited and did that sister thing. If only Karen could have been there.

It was a very good day.

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