Friday, October 23, 2009

Can't Wait to Quilt

After over a week of my computer crashing every time I thought I had it working. Numerous uploads and service packs and patches, it looks like it may be back in working order. Big sigh. It takes away any interest I have in blogging or browsing when I have to fiddle with things to get them to work. Hence, the week-plus hiatus from this little site.

So this has been something I've long planned to do. I dabbled a little. I pieced a log cabin block once. I machine quilted/appliqued a wall hanging. Now I'm ready to try my hand at a planned "quilt" for the wall. I still don't have any skills but already my brain is filling up with ideas.

So, while I want to make a quilt like this:

With fun, appliqued roosters like this:

I will start with a more basic design and work on my skills, first:
Now that I've posted these pictures here, I can see that they have a similar color palette. That's interesting. I don't know if hand-applique is really for me but I want to try it before I decide. I think that quilting could be a nice mix of handwork and machine sewing and that appeals to me very much. As does spending creative time which ends with something supremely useful. I like beautiful things that get to be useful, also. I'm also working on an idea of a quilt in memory of my grandmother. Here's my rough draft idea...

The letters could be machine appliqued (There are 49, I want to finish it in this lifetime) and the picture I imagine can be done with the inkjet transfer fabric I've seen for sale. I'd use fabric for the letters that resembles wood. It could be lots of fun and a great conversation piece. I'd also like to incorporate a piece that has a photo transfer of one of her hand-written score sheets, as well.

Lots of possibilities but first I'd better tend to the rabbits so that I can quilt without guilt.

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