Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awwww... She's so cute!

You may remember this picture from several posts ago. Although I think my sister is pretty and her smile always brings a smile to my face, I don't know if my initial response would be, "Awww.. she's so cute!"

But when Kathy found THIS picture of Karen and Dad the other day, I did!

After all these years, they're still enjoying each other's company. And this week, my brother-in-law (Karen's husband), Brian, is staying in Florida to be with Dad as he continues working toward regaining his strength. I'm so amazed and proud of my family. And I'm told that their daughter, Shannon, will arrive as her father is leaving.

And kudos to my brother, Kevin, and his wife, Beth, and their daugther, Sarah, for opening their home to everyone. That's huge and loving. I'm proud of you all!

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