Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Going Back to School

I've been ready to commit to this for over six months but it seems like life keeps "getting in the way". Since I imagine that is a pattern that won't soon change, I decided I need to take the plunge and work it in with my life.

So I'm enrolled in an online school for herbal and holistic studies. I'm beginning with the Family Herbalist course which could take about a year. My hope is that I'll discover I still know how to learn and study and that I love what I'm learning, in which case I hope to add three more years of study for the combined Holistic Wellness Professional / Clinical Master Herbalist programs. I'm quite excited!

The course outline for the first portion covers a lot of basics and is a prerequisite for the more advanced classes:

1. Germ v Terrain Theory
2. Holistic Nutrition Part One Macronutrients
3. Holistic Nutrition Part Two Micronutrients
4. Bread: The Staff of Life
5. Body Chemistry
6. Prevention in Childbearing
7. Prevention for First Year and Beyond
8. Vaccinations
9. Modern Childhood Epidemics
10. Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine
11. Body Systems
12. Herbal Home Use
13. Herbal Preparations Part One
14. Common Childhood Illnesses
15. Adult Illnesses
16. Other Illness and Difficulties
17. Herbal Classifications
18. Materia Medica I
19. Materia Medica II
20. Materia Medica III
21. Advanced Herbal Preparations
22. Aromatherapy I
23. Aromatherapy II
24. Aromatherapy III
25. Prevention in Homekeeping
26. Contacting Outside Help

I can't wait to get started!


mJr said...

Congratulations! This must be very exciting!

Anonymous said...

I wandered in from Tomato Soup Cake, but I just want to say GOOD FOR YOU! We need more herbalists, and congratulations for snatching up your dream as it wandered by.