Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

It's been precipitating here in our part of Colorado since Friday around noon. I'm not complaining, we always like the moisture. We've had rain, sprinkles, sleet, hail, and now, snow. Yup, I let the dog out this morning and saw that it was actually accumulating a little.

I've often wondered about the state motto, "Colorful Colorado". Honestly, the sky is very blue, the sunsets orange and the trees green. Aside from that there are some wildflower action in the spring and late summer but I wouldn't have thought to call it 'colorful'. Hawaii, California, some of the southeast, sure.

Here's me trying to leave the driveway for church. Hadn't really thought about leaving time for the defroster to work...

But I think I've finally figured it out. I think they mean colorful in the sense that the old man in the overalls at the local garage who calls everyone a "youngun" is colorful. Or the woman who dresses her toy poodle in skirts and takes it to the grocery store is colorful. How else do you explain snow in June. I mean, really?

It didn't get me down, though. I had been looking forward to our brunch and time of fellowship at church today. I was not disappointed. It really feels like family.

And there were lots of tasty treats.

But mostly that good fellowship I mentioned.

Stephanie decided to come up after church today and spend some time. We made a stop at Walmart for some rabbit food and wandered into the fabric aisle. While looking at some pretty fat quarters, I remembered that I wanted to make a reversible sunhat that I had seen on When I told Steph about it, she thought it sounded fun.

So we picked out a couple cute quarters each and went home and set up our sewing in the dining room. We even had a pressing station.

We drafted our patterns for the hats based on the internet instructions. I did mine first and Steph decided to wait and see how it turned out in case she wanted to modify anything for hers. Here she is modeling my hat done in an aqua and brown theme.

She did end up making some modifications and hers was the better for it. She looks real cute in her new hat if I do say so. And she did a mighty fine job in her sewing. It's been years since she sat down to a machine. I think she had a good time.

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ssimm1rg said...

Cute hats! Love all the photos.