Friday, June 4, 2010

Beans and Blooms

I thought perhaps it was time for an update on my seedlings. To say they seem confused is an understatement. Or perhaps I'm the one who is confused. I thought I planted normal plants.

But they are not acting very normal. Here they are still only 5-6 inches tall. And blooming. Yes, folks, those are squash blossoms. I suppose I should nip them off and see if the plant would like to get bigger. Past experience on this mountain tells me that is likely at least 73.2% wishful thinking.

Blooms not enough for you? How about a crop of beans? Here we have Contender and Striped Annelini Bush Beans. And Oh, how they seem to want to produce! Maybe I should just be happy with my dwarf plants and get what I can off them...

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