Monday, December 7, 2009

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Just a quick post to document why Stephanie and I are going to bed at midnight. We baked cookies today. Not just any cookies, the cookies that I always meant to make with her and never, in 23 years, had gotten around to. We made cut-out sugar cookies and then decorated them with colorful icing. I can't say they are all Christmas themed. But they are all festive.We put the icings in bags with fine tips. We had some sprinkles handy and even a tube of Wilton glitter frosting. (I can't even think about what I might be ingesting when I eat it.)

Steph noted that the snowflake cookies could also be poinsettias. Nice observation. We had bears and Christmas trees and, to fill in the smaller portions of dough, a cat and several small people. I wasn't too imaginative as the night wore on. There's a striped bear. A plaid bear. Steph did a psychedelic swirl bear. And I realized that the cookie also begged for the question, "Got milk?"

Meanwhile, we celebrated the second Sunday of advent and it seems like business as usual around the stable. Joseph and Mary are making progress toward Bethlehem while the wise men are still stumbling around my kitchen.

Blessings to you as we light the prophecy and Bethlehem candles and continue to meditate on this season of waiting. O come, O come, Emmanuel.

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ssimm1rg said...

Oh yum. Even at 9:45 am you are making me want cookies. Ok, so the fact that I started my day with a piece of the roommate's bacon fudge may have helped activate my sweet tooth as well ;) The cookies are beautiful! Definitely worth the time and effort.