Saturday, January 1, 2011

So, About That Explanation

This item is very symbolic for me of what's been going on. This is a door knocker that Val and Amol gave to Kent and I for our new house when we move. They brought it to us from India. (And isn't it just the grooviest knocker ever?!)

On the 16th, we got a contract on our house. After a little negotiating back and forth, both parties accepted it. In the ensuing 14 days, we've walked property boundaries, had the septic pumped and inspected, had the home inspection, and an appraisal. All this while trying not to lose focus on our family time and Christmas.

Let me tell you, from the moment we began making improvements to sell the house, we have regularly prayed that God would find a buyer for our house who would love it as much as we have and be blessed by it as we have been. This has been the happiest and best loved home either of us has ever enjoyed. And when it took all summer and into autumn to prepare it for market, I decided that if the house sold in the winter I would absolutely know it was God. In fact, we were so sure that it was the wrong time of year to sell a house, that Kent and I had all kinds of plans lined up for the next several months. Time to relax and pursue some of our interests after a season of hard work.

So it looks like the house has sold, in winter. The closing is scheduled for January 28th. I don't doubt that this was God's doing. And what of the folks who are buying it? They love this house. They don't want it for part-time or a second home. They aren't looking for an investment property or rental property. They can't wait to move in and love and enjoy it just like we have.

Oh yes, God does know what our hearts' desires are. And He can bring things to fruition that seem unbelievable. There are homes in our neighborhood that have been on the market for 12-24+ months. I want to make sure that when people hear our story, the praise goes to God as it should. He's just so amazing!

And thank you to all our friends who prayed with us concerning this huge step we're taking. We appreciate you so much.

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Persuaded said...

That is indeed a very groovy knocker!

And the fact that you actually still use the word groovy is yet further evidence that we are troo friends!