Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So I was perusing the website for Stephanie's and Valerie's church (here) when I noted "The Conneautville Church of Christ belongs to the Deep Valley Christian Service Camp Association". That sounded so familiar. I was pretty sure that Stephanie had attended camp there in the past. And then, today, I was going through boxes as I packed and what did I find but this:

Sure enough, there she is at 11 years old at the church camp for the church where she now attends. This picture is titled "1st Intermediate Week". These days that would be Princess Camp. Makes me smile.


Valerie said...

Just heard from Matt who looked at the larger version of this photo. On the right hand side, the gentleman with dark hair and the blonde woman are Rich and Judy Jones - the church's youth pastor and his wife who is also part of the worship team. One of the other (red-headed) lovely ladies in the photo is now married to Matt's cousin.
Small world, eh :-)

Kristine said...

Quite small. :)