Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

I'm trying to go chronologically with my pictures here...

Stephanie came up on Saturday to visit and spend the night. She and I had a great time together and enjoyed working together in the kitchen, as well. I had already baked the Lambie cake and this year she decorated it for the first time. For those of you who may not know, it's become tradition that I make this Lambie cake each year. I use the pan that was Grandma Robinson's and I even have the original Lady Baltimore cake recipe for it. I figured it was time for Steph to begin prepping for the day when she takes over responsibility for this family tradition. She did a wonderful job!

We went to church as a family (Kent, Stephanie and I) and it was also the 1 year birthday of our church, Hands of the Redeemer Community Church. It was a wonderful celebration of the resurrection with about 30 in attendance.

Afterwards we came home to host a gathering of family and friends. In attendance were Ken and Perla, Kathy, Sam and Jessie with little Tristan, and Kent, Stephanie and me. You can probably tell that Ken was looking forward to getting into that cake.

A close-up of Steph's masterpiece - she got the lamb good and woolly with raisin eyes and a bit of dried papaya for the nose.

And Kathy enjoyed Tristan, who is just a couple months younger than our Sam.

We had a wonderful time visiting and telling stories

We were so glad to have the Mazurek's with us

And Kent enjoyed the little guy too...

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