Monday, April 26, 2010

Captain's Log; Snowdate 04262010

Yup, woke up to more snow. Ok, it wasn't a surprise. Yesterday morning I put on a coat and gloves and carried my winter boots to the car for the trip to church. Got to church, chucked the coat, wished I'd worn sandals, went to DQ with DD to get in on the Buy One/Get one for 25cents Blizzard deal. Yeah, Stephanie instigated that one. Came home, wished for longjohns, and watched the snow fly. Amazing what a few thousand vertical feet can do.

But I'm not going to let it bring me down. I think I'll have my breakfast on the deck...

And then maybe hang some laundry on the line.

Or I could wait until tomorrow. Maybe it will get warmer.

So here are a couple of chicken pies I put together on Friday. I used one of our own chickens and homemade stock and lots of organic veggies cut up real chunky. And then it occured to this cooking maniac that Kent was butchering rabbits and I wouldn't have room in the freezer for a pie. I was at a loss what to do with the second pie until I realized I could call for help. Thank goodness for neighbors there to help out when you're in a bind and take a pot pie off your hands.

And what about the rabbits? Kent butchered 7 rabbits and cut them up. I now have 22 pounds of home-raised rabbit in the freezer waiting to turn into exciting meals. Like Morrocan Rabbit with Sweet Potato Dollars and Seared Kale (on Thursday).

So that book on my sidebar, Nourishing Traditions, has had me on a sharp learning curve lately. I'm not complaining, I'm just breathless trying to keep up. My fermented salad, Cortido, came out very yummy. Now I'm trying to decide what fermented fruit or veggie concoction to make next - Maybe you'd like to vote and help me out:
[ ] Ketchup
[ ] Pickled Beets
[ ] Pickled Cucumbers
[ ] Pickled Garlic
[ ] Pickled Pearl Onions
[ ] Pineapple Chutney
[ ] Fruit Chutney
[ ] Orange Marmalade

And I'm trying all kinds of new things that are supposed to be good for me. Some are easy to get excited about - like the almonds and walnuts I soaked in sea salt water and am "roasting" in the dehydrator as we speak. They should be crisp and yummy by tomorrow.

Other things that are new are harder to get my head around. Like the fermented salad. Which turned out great. And tonight, an appetizer of, of, ahem, uh, raw meat. Yup, tonight was my first time.

So I should have taken a pic of the plate with the pita bread, capers, minced onion and chopped hard cooked egg surrounding the Steak Tartare. Instead, you get this pic of raw meat in a bowl.

And it was seriously tasty. Although I was glad for the bread bits to help with texture issues. I wasn't sure I could take the concept and the cold, creamy? texture at the same time.

So why am I eating these strange and wondrous things? So much of the book makes sense to me. I like the theories and science behind it. Basically getting back to the traditional foods that kept folks healthy for hundreds or thousands of years. And primarily because in the time I've been applying this to my eating, I haven't had to take anything for pain, not once yet, I haven't had a headache, I have more energy and a pervading sense of well-being. I don't really need much more motivation than that. And it's not like things don't taste good, they are just prepared with so much more care, planning and techniques we rarely use in our modern world. Techniques that sometimes even seem a little primitive. Like the half gallon of raw milk sitting on my counter waiting to separate.

Ah, and for a little color, here's a pic of my beautiful beets. I rubbed the beats with coconut oil and roasted them and put the gorgeous greens in the steamer. So sad that I was filled up on salad, steak tartare and pot pie tonight and didn't have room to taste them. Hmmm, maybe for breakfast. On the deck!

So if all this cooking stuff doesn't do it for you, maybe you need to head over to LollyChops and get some craft ideas. Every time she posts I want to throw down my whisk and spatula and run to my craft room. Seriously. Or go to Life According to Being Sam's Mom and check out her sewing projects. I mean, even I know that not everything happens in the kitchen.

Check back after tomorrow and I'll let you know how things go with Brewing Kombucha, Attempt #2 of Sourdough Bread, Carob Brownies, and either A - Lining the chimney or B - Painting the hallway

Have a great night or day or whatever is ahead of you right now!

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