Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where to start?

Let's begin with Sammy, my favorite nephew in the whole world. I cannot express how much it meant to me to get to hold him and see him. To get to know him a little bit while he is still so young.

Here I am sacked out with him while Val was packing. I loved feeling his warm weight against me and his deep, even breathing. It nearly put me to sleep to. And it was the middle of the morning.
I got Val to take a photo of me in the mei tai wearing Sam. I so wish I'd had one of these when Steph was little. How comforting for them and how freeing for mom. Good job, Val!

Sam is quite the little camera ham... Here he is standing in his PlayYard. He really preferred to be standing up and one evening he made about 6 laps around the kitchen island while Perla held his hands. Then he walked on into the bedroom where his mom was. He's going to be into everything in no time at all!

And here I am with him on my lap. You'll notice the table is empty in front of us. He has quite a long reach and insatiable curiousity.

Since there is so much catching up to do, I'll try and break it into several posts with individual themes.

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