Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keeping Me In Stitches!

My quilt class, that is. I'm taking a paper-pieced mystery quilt class at Millcreek Sewing. Actually, I am and so is my daughter, my sister and my niece. Each month we do our "homework" - we cut the fabrics into quantities of pieces and in sizes as we have been instructed. Then at our next class they unveil the square we'll be working on that month, we start working on them there in class so that we can recieve any necessary instruction. And we get our cutting instructions for the next month.

So far we've completed two different designs for a total of 16 squares. I'm currently working on the third design of which there will be 8.

These are my three color families. The background is sunny yellow. One of the most fun things about the class is seeing all the different ways the same quilt pattern looks depending on the fabric choices.

Stephanie and I are both using the same three color family assortments. The difference is our background. Her's is very different from mine - a rich, coffee-brown batik.

The latest square is composed of 30 different pieces and is assembled in 4 different sections that are then put together into one block.

It's nice to have a sewing "class". I don't feel guilty when I take time to do my "homework" and it's great to spend some regular time in the sewing room. I also like that this class will walk us through making the blocks and then the last two classes will involve putting them together. That makes me hopeful that I won't end up with a large UFO. I hope to get pictures of everyone's finished tops and I'll share that here if I can.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love the colors you chose. I hope to be able to take a sewing class some day. It would be fun "homework"!