Monday, October 11, 2010

Too Sweet Not to Share

This past week I had the most wonderful surprise. But first you must visit my friends blog and read her entry, then come back here and let me tell you more...

Diane is just such a special person. I can hardly wait until we finally get to meet in person back East. The first time I read her blog I thought (and wrote to her), "I so want you to be my neighbor and friend." And you know, through this strange world of blogging, I feel like we are becoming just that. I visit Diane's corner of the world every day and miss her when she hasn't had time to post. I've also purchased lovely covers from her and I can say that her sewing skills rate five stars. She does beautiful work and I'm so pleased to have a bit of it for myself.

So when she posted about her stash of printed waxed papers, I was just so excited to see a little kitchen history and I wrote her to say that I hadn't even known that printed waxed paper existed even though it's been my wrap of choice all my life. It was fun to read about her paper treasure.

Then this week I went to the mailbox and there was a thick envelope from Diane waiting for me. I mean, just getting GPC was enough to send me! (GPC - my term for Genuine Personal Correspondence, which is sorely lacking in today's world) I wanted to tear into it right there at the box but I prolonged the pleasure of mail addressed to me in handwriting while wondering what on earth could be in it. Had Val ordered something to be sent to me on her behalf again? But that didn't make sense since she now lives closer to Diane than I. I got home. Admired it for another moment or two and peeled back the flap. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but...

Thirteen sheets of wonderful prints, including the square dance, chinese lanterns, sailboats, circus animals, blooms and flowers. The feel of it is so much richer than anything I've ever touched. I've shown it to everyone who's come to my house, including the realtor!

Aaahhh. Diane is too sweet for me not to tell you about her. She was too sweet to keep her lovely stash all to herself. And this paper is too sweet not to share about with you. So all the way around, my title works. I couldn't believe it. And it was humbling, making me wonder if I am willing to share as freely as Diane. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I can be. Maybe there's a package of some of my treasures out there somewhere traveling to a new destination, hoping to make someone smile as widely as I have.

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Persuaded said...

Oh Kristine.. what a dear thing you are! I was offline all last week so I didn't see this post until just this very minute, and you know what is so funny? I wrote a comment to you above saying much the same things about you and our friendship as you did here. Your package meant such a lot to me.. more than I can say. I admit that I was feeling a wee bit blue that day and was so touched and encouraged to see your name on the return label. Then when I opened it and saw what was inside... welll, i really do feel as thought we are good friends♥