Friday, October 15, 2010

Naturally, I Like to Clean

I like most of the domestic arts. And I like to be naturally clean, as well. Over the last several years I have been moving away from commercial products and towards homemade alternatives. I haven’t purchased laundry detergent in years. I no longer use commercially purchased fabric softener, shampoo or conditioner. I’ve found wonderful recipes for homemade window cleaner, soap scum remover, disinfectants, and deodorizers. I have long used baking soda as a wonderful kitchen scrub. And if I want to freshen the air, I find a drop or two of essential oil on a bit of paper towel work perfectly.

If you haven’t yet tried some homemade alternatives, let me encourage you to do so. The things I use don’t just work OK – they work better. I wouldn’t be motivated to bother making them if they didn’t out-perform their toxic, irritating, over-packaged, over-priced commercial counterparts.

My laundry detergent costs me less than 2 cents per load. And it cleans great. It never leaves a residue on my fabric, has no annoying scents or irritating additives. My window cleaner cuts through the dirtiest grime without effort. My hair is silkier, healthier and has better body than ever was achieved with shampoos and conditioners. My shower gets and stays cleaner, my bathroom surfaces shine and are disinfected. And all with everyday ingredients and simple recipes.

Let me share a few to get you started. You’ll find the recipes for Homemade Laundry Detergent, Pine Disinfectant, Bathroom Cleaner/Soap Scum Remover, Window Cleaner and Shampoo/Conditioner on my other blog - I Did This and You Can, Too!

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Persuaded said...

Thanks Kristine! I have really been meaning to start making my own cleaners and such. Partly due to the cost and partly for health reasons. Amelia has been diagnosed with lupus and we find that certain things aggravate her symptoms terribly. Corn syrup is the worst offender, but she has a hard time with certain cleaners too... she cannot even walk through the cleaning product aisle at the store. So all that to say, I look forward to trying some of these out☺