Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter's Many Moods

I can't help but notice that even though it's a white world out there, the moods never stop changing

This morning as it got light there was a softness to things, covered in frost and misty, like a picture that is fading. And I knew it would.

And then it was light but filtered through clouds. This world of high contrast black and white hides the subtleties of dark green pine needles and the purple/blue shadows.

But then the sky clears to blue and the sun shines and it feels so clean, clear, fresh and full of promise - reminding me that beneath the snow is a fertile, slumbering cornucopia awaiting spring.

 Yes, I played around a bit enhancing my photos, I don't deny that. I wanted them to portray more clearly what it looks like through my eyes. I'm not yet tired of winter. I look forward to spring and renewed life around here but for now I am taking my clues from the season and allowing things to rest a bit.

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