Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gobble Up Those Apples

Everybody likes apples, right? I know we do. And so do the woodchucks. And the rabbits. And the other morning I saw that wild turkeys do, too! I looked out the kitchen window (hence the less than stellar photos through the window screen) and saw what appeared to be a "family" flock. Multiple large turkeys as well as half-grown and in-between sized. I believe I counted 18.

I mentioned that the woodchucks and bunnies like the apples, too. Actually, I think the rabbits are just eating the grass under the apple tree. But the whistle pigs are stuffing apples in as fast as they can. And getting plumper by the day. It turns out that turkeys are similar to chickens. You see, in the picture below there is a bunny in the upper right corner. The turkeys were more than content to graze with said rabbit. But when the woodchuck came out, they chased it right back home.

My chickens will squawk and scream like they are being eaten by bears if they so much as see a woodchuck in the yard. And with all those apples around, you can well imagine that my backyard is frequently filled with the sounds of panicked chickens while the offending chucks eat their apples seemingly oblivious to the chaos they cause.

Isn't a wild turkey just a magnificent bird? There seems to be a very healthy population in the woods and fields around here. I enjoy seeing them pass through our yard and pasture from time to time. Last spring we enjoyed watching a mama turkey with her little brood. Maybe I should consider getting my license?

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