Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Look Up

That's a reminder to myself. I spend so much time looking down at the garden that I need to remember to look up to the sky, too. To the beautiful sky at sunset, when the warm colors make the black silhouettes of the trees into art.
To the clouds backlit by the sun, giving them depths that I could examine until my neck ached.
Driving home with friends from Mindie's house after a day making sauerkraut. My friends notice a rainbow. I find a place to pull over and I'm so excited I take several pictures. And then, as I turn to get back in the car, I see the other end of the rainbow! Brighter than the one that had delighted me!
And I notice where that rainbow ends. It's gold, alright. At least it's likely gold to the folks that call it home. Just as our new home has become to us. A place of solace, refuge, joy, comfort and sharing. I wondered, do they know they have the gold at the end of the rainbow?

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