Friday, May 13, 2011

We've Been Busy

I'll give you a couple of clues as to what we've been doing.

It involves large trucks filled with boxes

And cars with furry travelers.

This is Socks, Blogging Assistant and Traveling Companion. For the first five hours of our 24 hour cross-country drive, he acted like a cat possessed. I thought he'd developed multiple personalities as the sounds coming from the carrier began to sound like the cacaphony of at least 7 different cats. And the carrier itself was bumped around and then he'd grab at the wire door and bang it while shrieking. It had really gotten old by the five hour mark. So while we gassed up, I decided to see what he'd do OUT of the kennel. It turns out that he isn't a bad traveler - he just hates the kennel. As you can see, I tied his leash to the handle over the passenger door (to prevent him from trying to ride in my lap) and put a blanket on the top of the kennel. He passed the next 2 1/2 days of driving happily watching the world go by.

That trip began two weeks ago today and culminated in our arrival at our new home on the late afternoon of May 1.

I'll be posting more soon - so stay tuned!


Sonia said...

So glad you made it safely. We are in our new home, too, and my to do list looks so much like yours it's scary. I am waiting for the neighbor to get the tractor fixed so he can come plow my garden. Hopefully it will happen in the next week.

Been looking forward to your "we are here" post!

mJr said...

I can't wait to meet your cat. I LOVE CATS! I'm so glad you're all settled. It'll be a pleasure worshiping with you.

Persuaded said...

What a smart kitty-mama you are♥