Saturday, August 27, 2011

Producing a Post

So where have I been and why haven't I been keeping both my readers updated? It could be that I started getting these wonderful items from the garden. What an attractive market basket. I can hardly believe that came from our very own garden!

And then it kept coming. And the berries got ripe and the beans came on...

Oh my! What beautiful cucumbers! We should make pickles.

Wow! Turnips and potatoes! It just keeps getting better...

And Bigger!! Soon we are hauling it to the house in the wheelbarrow because it's too much for us to carry.

We still are filled with the wonder of it all. We planted and God gave the increase. Check out the canning and preserving log for a closer look at the yields we've enjoyed.

And as for the meals we've enjoyed... it doesn't get much better than eating an apple off one of our trees on the way to the garden to pick fresh tomatoes, corn and watermelon for supper. Gardening - the first job God gave us - it's a great place to be.

This was dinner tonight!